driving category change

The launch of Comfort Intense heralded a new era in the laundry category, offering an intense, longer-lasting fragrance, while using less than half the dose of existing fabric conditioners through an innovative ultra-concentrated formula.

  • Client / Comfort
  • Work / Branding / Structural packaging
  • Year / 2017

Stand out

With a reduced pack volume and compromised size impression versus the predominantly  semi-concentrated competitors, we faced a big challenge to create a compelling and innovative holistic pack design that was distinctive enough to stand out from its larger competitors for all the right reasons.

Our response was to develop a holistic packaging solution which combines an explosive visual identity with an innovative droplet shaped bottle that epitomises the intensity of the ultra-concentrated formulation whilst delivering character and personality – a totally new approach for the category.

changing consumer behaviour

Delivering flawless and intuitive functionality was another key requirement, and ensuring consumers were able to consistently dispense a much smaller dose size was paramount for positive first appraisal and re-purchase. We developed a precision pouring spout, which semantically encouraged consumers to pour with care, coupled with a semi-transparent measuring cap to further facilitate accuracy. This new cap assembly also allowed us to create a seamless pack silhouette, which leveraged further positive distinction on shelf.


The new ‘explosive’ visual identity further enhances stand out as well as reinforcing the intense fragrance proposition. Strong varianting is delivered through the use of bold colour which denotes each of the intense fragrances. The new crafted brand lockup sits centrally on white to increase legibility and stand out whilst reinforcing freshness.

360 degree design

The new holistic design has ultimately changed consumer behaviour, encouraging them to use less. It successfully emphasises the benefits of the ultra-concentrated formulation and compensates for its smaller size whilst maintaining a 32% price premium over standard semi-concentrated Comfort. Its success speaks for itself, and from launch Comfort Intense actually grew the fabric conditioner market in the UK by 7% in its first year.

The project also boasts some impressive sustainability credentials. Per wash, the new ultra-concentrated formula uses 57% less water, 43% less waste, 41% less transportation and delivered a 27% reduction in green-house gas emissions versus standard Comfort.

Comfort intense

awards & recognition

Total Awarding Body Award Name
DBA Design effectiveness Silver 2017