In the build up to the festive period, AXE’s parent company Unilever asked PB Creative to further enhance its gifting experience for 2018, while reducing complexity and increasing sustainability. PB Creative was also tasked with taking the brand’s gifting proposition in an exciting new direction, with a distinctive design that would disrupt the category while remaining true to the brand’s core identity.

The brief was to create a sense of anticipation and make the two-tier range – premium and regular – more aspirational. To achieve this, PB Creative devised a layered approach to the unwrapping experience. Seasonal gift packs typically feature large windows to showcase the products inside, leaving little to the imagination. These were eliminated to allow a much bigger graphic canvas with pack imagery of the contents, delivering a premium, desirable and heroic feel. The result is truly celebratory and puts the gift back into gifting.Creating intrigue

axe gifting

Creating intrigue

The premium tier comprises desirable gifts such as in-shower speakers, as well as toiletries, housed within a printed hexagonal-to-round gift box. Once the recipient opens the box, they’re presented with a bespoke wrapping-paper-style bag, amplifying the sense of anticipation.

Material changes

Another key factor in the brief was to develop a range of new 3D core structures for each tier that would streamline the portfolio and improve sustainability. Three largely paper-based structures were created – hexagonal-to-round containers, hull and slide boxes and sleeves to encase rucksacks and washbags. The team at PB Creative also devised an innovative packaging strategy that eliminates the need for internal plastic trays, using predominantly paper-based materials to create a fully recyclable pack. As a result, gift configurations are totally flexible in pack, complexity across the whole portfolio has been reduced and sustainability maximised.

axe gifting

An elevated experience

Pete Hayes, Co-founder and Co-director of PB Creative, says: “Our goal from the outset was to successfully deliver a range of exciting and desirable holistic gift packs that continue to build on the masterbrand’s strong gifting heritage, and that guys really want to receive. Combined with the logistical simplicity we created and strong sustainability credentials, the new 2018 gifting range is a great continuation of our four-year partnership with the AXE Gifting Team.”

PB Creative has once again developed an innovative, aspirational packaging design strategy that offers us flexibility and sustainability while dialling up the reward experience. It’s a streamlined approach that has premiumised both tiers while substantially reducing complexity and unnecessary waste – core to both AXE and Unilever’s values.
— Lara Kerbaj, AXE Global Brand Manager

At the core of the 2D design is a range of bespoke patterns, each derived from the brand’s distinctive variants, using geometric forms and colour palettes that link directly to the fragrance icons. This allows the range to successfully balance colour with black and deliver a premium feel that looks wrapped and ready to give.


axe gifting


PB Creative developed an iconic droplet device to reflect Carex’s USP as the leading antibacterial handwash brand, and create synergy across the Core, Fun Editions and newly developed Advanced ranges. The new design encapsulates the core brand message – ‘Cleaning, Caring & Protecting’ – and also allows scope for future growth.

Carex is the UK’s No 1. hand wash brand. Launched in 1994 it is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a portfolio refresh. We were tasked with answering a challenging brief — bringing together the different personalities from the packaging family in a unified, balanced and iconic way and maintaining the existing brand tone of voice. 

We began at the brand’s heartland with the five SKUs that form the foundation of the core Carex range and created an iconic droplet device as the ownable brand asset. This enabled us to deliver clarity across the messaging hierarchy which was then developed across the Fun Editions and new Advanced ranges.

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PB Creative was initially approached by Titsey Brewing Co. to design a pump clip but responded by creating a completely new brand identity that leverages the heritage of the Titsey Estate with a modern and progressive feel.

The brandmark crafted by PB Creative takes its inspiration from the crests of two of the most prominent families from the estate, Gower and Gresham, and their family emblems, the wolf and the grasshopper. By bringing these historical elements together, and adding a chalice to represent brewing, PB Creative crafted a modern take on the heraldic shield. The resulting logo is unique and ownable, presenting a cohesive link between the heritage of the estate, the crests and the brewery.

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Award winning branding design agency PB Creative creates limited edition brand packaging for Lynx.

Launched in 2018, this is a fragrance for everyone, all genders, for anyone who wants to find their magic.

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DAIRYMAN_DEV_160818_Artboard 18.png

PB Creative developed a new brand concept for a range of artisanal rare-breed dairy products, in response to a direct-to-consumer challenge set by FMCG title The Grocer. 

The success of the dairy sector has been dwindling recently. Public health campaigns and concerns about animal welfare have taken their toll, with many consumers falling out of love with mainstream brands in favour of sustainable, ethical products with a clear and trusted provenance. 

With this in mind, PB Creative developed Rare, a cooperative organic dairy brand that works with farmers of native British breeds to celebrate and bring their goods to this discerning customer.  



The No.1 in the deodorant market wanted to design a sporty new look that would tap into the passion that the brand’s core consumers all over the world have for football. Our brief was to create a fresh brand identity for a limited-edition range that celebrates this universal love for the beautiful game, while reinforcing Rexona’s stay-fresher-for-longer messaging and supporting its ‘live more, move more’ ethos.

Working closely with the brand team at Unilever our approach was to respect the brand’s existing assets and amplify them. This was achieved by adapting the on-pack elements to replicate sportswear, with the lead message and product benefit — 48 hour protection — redesigned to look like a team number. We have delivered a pack structure that works globally. Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Egypt, England, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Spain have all made the line-up.

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Grooming products are moving into a new phase and Toni&Guy were looking to get in front of current beard trends and demonstrate their experience and prestige outside their traditional hair care specialism. As Toni&Guy’s brand guardians they trusted us to design a new beard-grooming range that would lead the way, build on brand heritage and equity and push the brand into new territories. Staying clear of fads and stereotypical barber shop gimmicks.

A couple of years ago we created a new masterbrand for Toni&Guy — pulling out the ampersand across the range as the unifying graphic mark. To achieve product stand-out for Beard Grooming Heroes we reattributed the ampersand and married it with a heritage stamp of approval to reinforce ‘premium quality.’ Our design concept was influenced by the speakeasy culture of prohibition era USA and has delivered a solution which is innately stylish, masculine and honest.

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axe logo

Historically Axe (Lynx) has targeted a young male demographic, with brand messages revolving around traditional ideas of masculinity, desirability and attraction. Axe’s new positioning features a radical, progressive point of view on masculinity and attractiveness, focused on allowing guys to find their own individual style and inspiration.

PB Creative has been instrumental in the brand refresh, developing a new brandmark and updating the brand’s base range of products, including new icons for its 40+ fragrance variants.

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be sports nutrition

Lifeplus, a leading supplier of high-quality nutritional products, approached PB Creative to create a new sports nutrition brand that would provide the company with an ownable and credible space within the complex markets of the UK, Europe and US.

PB identified a strategic opportunity for a sports nutrition brand aimed at individuals who see staying fit and healthy as a way of life, but can be intimidated by the supplements currently on offer which predominantly target serious sports enthusiasts, those wanting to build significant muscle mass or to lose weight.

We then went on to create a brand that is unisex, upbeat and aspirational, yet accessible The range is broken down into three sub categories under the headings: Focused, Sustained and Recharged, each designated for one of the three need states of a workout: pre, during and recovery.

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Unilever’s brand team partnered with PB to develop an identity for V05’s new Style Edit hair cosmetics range. The handbag-size products are created for millennials looking for easy, eye-catching, on-the-go styling at festivals and statement occasions. 

Our challenge was to conceive an original, on-trend look that would stand-apart from V05’s core ‘everyday’ range while retaining cross-brand synergy and capitalising on existing brand equities. The design also needed to be versatile enough to use on-and-off-pack communications.

 For continuity we retained V05’s distinctive two-tone pink palette and long-standing ‘flag’ and ‘stamp’ marks as part of the identity backdrop and then introduced marble metallic accents to single out individual SKUs. A unique diamond graphic icon was devised to help navigation across the smaller packaging formats and to ensure impact at all points of sale from shelf and online to live events. The result is fashion-forward and highly desirable.

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