Unilever’s brand team partnered with PB to develop an identity for V05’s new Style Edit hair cosmetics range. The handbag-size products are created for millennials looking for easy, eye-catching, on-the-go styling at festivals and statement occasions. 

Our challenge was to conceive an original, on-trend look that would stand-apart from V05’s core ‘everyday’ range while retaining cross-brand synergy and capitalising on existing brand equities. The design also needed to be versatile enough to use on-and-off-pack communications.

 For continuity we retained V05’s distinctive two-tone pink palette and long-standing ‘flag’ and ‘stamp’ marks as part of the identity backdrop and then introduced marble metallic accents to single out individual SKUs. A unique diamond graphic icon was devised to help navigation across the smaller packaging formats and to ensure impact at all points of sale from shelf and online to live events. The result is fashion-forward and highly desirable.

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