Truly Flexible Working by PB Creative

Our team is our agency! And a happy and fulfilled team is a motivated and effective one. This is just one way PB Creative is acknowledging the passion, focus and dedication our super talented team put in to making us the agency we are so proud to be. Recent months have seen a return to some sort of normality for many of us, with the majority of agencies reopening studios and welcoming teams back. At PB Creative, we canvassed our team earlier this year to understand how and where they want to work moving forwards. Unsurprisingly, the unanimous response was in favour of continuing to offer a flexible working model, with the significant increase in the ability to create a much better work life balance highlighted as the primary driver. The temptation from a business perspective is to then look at defining what that flexible model entails and to create parameters around how it works. This in itself can start to erode the true notion of flexibility. PB Creative is proud to announce that we are offering our team the complete flexibility to continue working from home or from our central London studio. We will not be stipulating specific days of the week that the team are required to attend the studio. They will also enjoy the opportunity to work remotely from other suitable locations from time to time, allowing them to extend weekend breaks or spend more time with family and loved ones. If working at PB Creative appeals to you, or you would like to get in touch, please drop us a line via

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