Adding a splash of joy to the Netherland’s favourite cordial brand, Karvan Cevitam.

Made with 75% fruit and enriched with essential vitamins, Karvan Cévitam is no ordinary cordial. Founded in 1948, when the supply of fresh fruit post-war was scarce, the brand was a little lifeline for families struggling to get their five-a-day. An iconic Dutch brand that’s been supporting the wellbeing of the nation for over 70 years since. However, as culture shifts and consumer needs evolve, it’s imperative the brand keeps pace. Our task was to evolve the visual identity to reassert the brand’s wholesome authority and vitality credentials within this rapidly evolving category, to engage with a new generation of consumers. “Our biggest challenge was to inject more modernity and personality into the visual identity, whilst respecting the brand’s heritage and iconicity.” Says Helen Sanders, Senior Strategist at PB Creative. “To achieve this, we first needed to redefine the personality of the brand itself. We partnered with the Karvan Cévitam team to sharpen the brand positioning and craft a more emotionally resonant personality, unlocking an expression that reflects the brand’s nurturing, caregiver roots, but through a more spirited, joyful lens.” The new design projects this revitalised brand spirit with a more vibrant, dynamic aesthetic. “We wanted the design to spark joy by capturing that moment of magic, when Karvan Cévitam transforms the water from flavourless to flavour-full.” Says PB Creative Design Director, Alisa Barter. “The new bold fruit photography is more juicy and joyous, splashing into the heart of the pack to both elevate taste appeal and aid shelf-standout, while the richer, more vibrant colours are suggestive of the intensity of flavour from the 75% fruit content and the vitality boosting benefits. A more contemporary, joyful visual identity that’s sure to delight the tastebuds and re-establish the brand’s iconic status. “ The new design will be making waves in the Netherlands from this Autumn.

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