Baby Dove launch gift set for African American mothers, by PB Creative

Before having a conscience was cool, Dove were the true trailblazers of inspiring and driving societal change. To coincide with their latest diversity initiatives, including the Crown Coalition and $5M CROWN Fund, Baby Dove have launched a gift set exclusively for African American mothers, made in partnership with the Black Mammas Maternal Alliance, or BMMA. We were delighted to collaborate with the talented, African American illustrator, Keturah Ariel Nailah Bobo, whose beautiful work celebrates the black women who are far too often underrepresented. Our challenge was to create a truly gift-worthy design that harmonised Keturah’s illustration with the baby Dove brand, as well as proudly outlining the partnership with the Black Mammas Maternal Alliance. A design that felt unequivocally Dove, yet profoundly different, authentically reflecting African American culture to meaningfully connect with consumers. A true and genuine gift for mother and new-born that captures Baby Dove’s commitment and care to all mothers.

Pbcreative Babydove 1
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