Expressing brand purpose


Limited edition packaging

Celebrating Individuality


Lynx’s global redesign had established the brand as a beacon for a new, inclusive and open-minded vision of masculinity. As guardians of the brand, we have been consistently briefed to create limited editions that reflect the brand’s purpose, while also being unique and surprising.



Unified by the idea, ‘Be Yourself’, each design reflects a new take on the brand’s intelligent yet masculine aesthetic.

The Unity edition represented a landmark moment for the brand. Explicitly created ‘for everyone’, regardless of gender, it remains the brand’s most radical assertion of inclusivity to date.

To mark the brand’s unswerving support of the LGBT+ community, the Pride edition, celebrates the iconic, pride rainbow colour-palette.

Collaborations with Anthony Joshua, further deliver the message to remain true to yourself and to not be defined by convention. The design features a tonal silhouette of the heavy-weight champion in the brand’s signature black, emphasising how iconic Joshua has become, simply by be being himself.