PB Creative developed an iconic droplet device to reflect Carex’s USP as the leading antibacterial handwash brand, and create synergy across the Core, Fun Editions and newly developed Advanced ranges. The new design encapsulates the core brand message – ‘Cleaning, Caring & Protecting’ – and also allows scope for future growth.

Carex is the UK’s No 1. hand wash brand. Launched in 1994 it is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a portfolio refresh. We were tasked with answering a challenging brief — bringing together the different personalities from the packaging family in a unified, balanced and iconic way and maintaining the existing brand tone of voice. 

We began at the brand’s heartland with the five SKUs that form the foundation of the core Carex range and created an iconic droplet device as the ownable brand asset. This enabled us to deliver clarity across the messaging hierarchy which was then developed across the Fun Editions and new Advanced ranges.

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