Driving category change


Brand identity / Structural Design / Packaging

Packing a big punch


How to give a small pack a big punch? With the launch of the an Intense fabric conditioner, Unilever approached us to create a holistic 2D and 3D pack design that would convince consumers of the products’ unique benefits and price premium despite the bottle being significantly smaller than standard fabric conditioners.



In response, we designed a droplet-shaped pack structure to emphasise the intensity that the product packs in a single drop. Overlaid onto this distinctive structure is our 2D design, centred on an impactful lock-up with an explosive graphic that cues a product bursting with sensory benefits. A second objective of the design was to change consumer’s usage behaviour. Our structure introduced a precision pouring spout to make dispensing more accurate. The cap, which uses a frosted material for improved visibility, is compact, encouraging correct dosing.

Comfort Intense gained 7% market share within eight weeks of launch and went on to overtake its key competitor and drive growth in the wider category.