putting the gift back into gifting

Christmas is a hugely important time for brands: it is time to be bold, to defy convention and create products which remain memorable and relevant beyond the shelf and into the home. It’s time to put the gift back into gifting and offer consumers something they are proud to give and receive in equal measure
— Ben Lambert, co-founder and creative director

For too long, personal care gift packs have been geared towards the purchaser and not the recipient, with the packaging revealing way too much about what’s inside and leaving no sense of intrigue. The style of packaging used has also become predictable and uniform.
In line with the recently refreshed LYNX master brand and packaging, PB Creative established a more aspirational range of gift packs across both core and premium collections, moving away from standard stereotypes to create a sense of excitement and intrigue for the recipient. The existing conventions of gifting have been challenged, using new cube-like formats for the core range as well as introducing sleeved tins for the premium packs. Pack imagery is used in place of the standard ‘pack window’, a feature that has hindered a more premium perception in recent years.

Lynx gifting is our annual opportunity to update the world on our brand news during the festive season, and we have never had a bigger story to tell than this year. PB Creative went beyond simply applying the brand’s new visual identity to a single minded, premium and sophisticated design for Lynx gifting – their innovative thinking around modular packaging solutions have enabled us to manage the expanding complexity of our global gifting business
— Alina Maatjes-Siletskaya, Lynx Global Brand Development Manager